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A Big Welcome To The Employment Advocate


Have you recently been dismissed from you job by your employer and feel the process was unfair?

Are you being denied a salary-package benefit that has been promised by your employer but not delivered?

Are you being consistently bullied at work and have tried using all the procedures that exist in your workplace to resolve the problem but failed?  

If the answer is “YES” to any of the above then its very likely you may be feeling shocked, helpless, worried or extremely upset. Please remember that it’s not uncommon to experience such feelings after conflict in the workplace but often rectifying such a situation can be simple and fast with the right help and advocacy.

The Employment Advocate is a professional employee advocacy service with a proud record of ensuring West Australians with workplace issues receive appropriate legal and financial remedies for the unlawful acts committed by their employers.

We are a Perth-based firm that helps people to successfully navigate the complicated Federal Fair Work and West Australian Industrial Relations systems.

Our practitioners are carefully selected industrial relations professionals and HR people. Each has considerable knowledge of and experience with Western Australia’s current employment laws.

So, if you have a problem at work you should be talking to The Employment Advocate because it’s our job to help you.

The Employment Advocate can assist in cases involving:

* Unfair or Unlawful Dismissal.

* Denial of Contractual Benefits.

* Protecting Your Professional Reputation.

* General Protection of Workplace Rights.

* Workplace Harassment and Bullying.

*Advocacy & Representation at Fair Work Commission and WA Industrial Relations Commission Hearings.

Fill out the questionnaire form at the bottom of this page and one of The Employment Advocate’s industrial relations professionals will contact you promptly as following an employment termination, the law says you only have 21 days to lodge a claim.

Your first consultation with The Employment Advocate is free.

Unfair Dismissal

A person has been dismissed from their employment when:

* Their employment has been terminated at the initiative of the employer, or

* They have resigned their employment but the resignation was forced by something the employer did.

If you have been dismissed from your employment you may be able to make an application for legal remedies, including financial compensation. The law says an application must be lodged within 21 days of  dismissal.

Denied Benefits

A contractual benefit claim is where an employee claims they are entitled to a benefit under their employment contract, or salary package, which has not been paid or has subsequently been denied by their boss.

Examples of denied contractual benefits may include underpayment of wages and/or salary; a promised pay increase that was never delivered, an unpaid bonus or some other contractually-specified benefit that is featured in your employment agreement but has not been paid to you.

General Protections

We can also assist you to make a General Protections claim that:

* Protects your workplace rights.

* Protects your freedom of association.

* Provides protection from workplace discrimination; and,

* Provides effective relief to you if you have been discriminated against, victimised, or have experienced other unfair treatment.

Legal Remedies for Unfair, Unlawful and/or Unjust treatment

If you believe your dismissal was not legal or you feel you have been denied a contractual benefit or somehow unjustly treated, then you may be eligible for a legal remedy.

Remedies include:

Financial Compensation:

We will robustly advocate on your behalf to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of financial compensation that the law allows. The total amount you receive will depend upon a range of variables such as your annual income, length of service and the nature of and reason for dismissal.

Contact the Employment Advocate and let us assess the value of your claim.


If you prefer to be reinstated to your position, this can be proposed and may be accepted by your employer.

Reversed Dismissal

As part of the settlement process, we negotiate with your company and may be able to get the terms of dismissal reversed. This means that your employer will retrospectively agree that you resigned instead of being dismissed. Once negotiated, this is often a featured clause in a Settlement Agreement. This is an important career building move because it means you can legally say at future job interviews that you resigned from your position..

Securing Proof Of Your Employment History

We can negotiate an agreement with your employer whereby they will issue a statement of service, confirming your employment and how long you served the business. This helps you to find future employment as you can supply an employment history and reference.

Safe Guarding Your Reputation and Future Earning Ability

We often negotiate agreements with employers that keep the grounds for dismissal confidential. A bad boss is therefore legally compelled not to discuss with any potential future employers the reasons for your termination and prevented by law from providing any other negative feedback..This is an important way you can  protect your professional reputation and safeguard your future income and career path..

We Can Help

If you have just been unfairly dismissed then you may be feeling shocked, helpless, worried or extremely upset. Please remember that it’s not uncommon to experience such feelings after conflict in the workplace.

With the Employment Advocate at your service, a successful solution to an unpleasant workplace dispute can often be negotiated quickly.

Contact us now by filling out the contact form.

Our Simple 3 Step Remedy Process:

Please don’t feel you should silently suffer from unfair treatment at work. The Fair Work Employment Advocate may be able to help you.

Our 3 Step  Process is easy and it costs you nothing to find out what compensation the workplace laws say you are entitled to:

1. You fill in the contact form below.

2. We review the information provided and promptly investigate your claim for a remedy.

3. We provide you with a free 20-minute phone conference to discuss the potential legal and financial remedies for your claim, and give you our professional assessment of possible outcomes for your claim.

If we believe your case has good prospects of succeeding and – you instruct us to lodge a formal claim on your behalf – we will immediately begin the process of advocating your legal entitlements.

Short Notice Representation

Our Advocates are available, at short notice, to represent you at Fair Work Commission conferences and West Australian Industrial Relations Commission hearings.

Please contact the Employment Advocate using the contact form.

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