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Welcome to the Fair Work Employment Advocate (The Employment Advocate). The Employment Advocate is a privately owned and operated business that assists with employment law advocacy under Australia’s Fair Work system and other Industrial Relations systems in a wide range of other employment law matters.

We are not a traditional law firm but rather offer an advocacy service with the objective to assist people to get a fair and equitable outcome from any past wrongs that may have been committed by your employer.


We assist in:

Unfair Dismissal

A person has been dismissed from their employment when:

*their employment has been terminated at the initiative of the employer, or

*they have resigned their employment but the resignation was forced by something the employer did.

If you have been dismissed from your employment you may be able to make an application for a remedy including compensation. This must be done with 21 days of your termination.

Denied Benefits

A contractual benefit claim is where an employee claims they are entitled to a benefit under their employment contract which has not been paid or denied to them by their employer.

Examples of denied contractual benefits include underpayment of wages and/or salary, a promised pay increase that was never carried out, other contractual benefits featured in your employment agreement that is not or was not given to you.


General Protections

We can also assist in General Protections claims that may assist you to:

*protect your workplace rights

*protect your freedom of association

*provide protection from workplace discrimination, and

*assist and manage a claim to provide effective relief to you if you have been discriminated against, victimised, or have experienced other unfair treatment.

Remedies for Unfair, Unlawful and/or Unjust treatment

If you believe your dismissal was not legal or you feel you have been denied a contractual benefit or somehow unjustly treated then you may be eligible for a remedy.

Remedies include:

Financial Compensation:

This will depend on a range of variables such as your annual income, length of service, nature or reason for dismissal. We will assess your claim and offer an estimate of its worth.


If you prefer to be reinstated then this can be proposed and may be accepted.

Reversed Dismissal

As part of the settlement process, we negotiate and may get the dismissal reversed. This means that your employer will retrospectively agree that you resigned instead of being dismissed. Once negotiated, this is often featured in a settlement agreement. Once you have that, you can legally say at any future job interviews that you resigned from your old job, instead of saying you were dismissed.

Secure Proof of your Employment History

It allowable when agreed by your employer that they will issue a statement of service confirming your employment duration with the business. This may help you in seeking future employment as you can then supply proof of employment history and a reference from another Company.

Safe Guard your future Reputation and Earning Ability

It can be often negotiated and agreed by your employer to keep the dismissal confidential and therefore not discuss with potential future employers the reasons for termination and any other negative feedback that may be given. This is protecting your professional reputation and safe guarding your future earning ability in the workplace.

We Can Help You Now

If this has just happened to you then you may be feeling shocked, helpless, worried or extremely upset. Please remember that it’s not uncommon to experience such things in the workplace as featured above. Successful solutions can often be found promptly.

Please contact us immediately by completed the simple contact details form below. We may be able to achieve a suitable remedy for you.

Our Simple 3 Step Start Process:

1. You submit a claim by using the contact option below,

2. We review your claim and arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss the claim with you,

3. We will provide a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to discuss with you your claim in more detail, and give you our assessment of the prospects of success, potential risks and possible outcomes.

If we believe a claim prevails and you instruct us to continue to lodge the claim then upon a deposit payment we will; continue to process your claim up to and including settlement. Further details, including the claims process will be provided to you upon you instructing us to act as your Employment Law advocate or agent.

Short Notice Representation

Pending on availability, Advocates are often available at short notice for representation in the Fair Work Commission conferences and hearings depending upon the urgency and complexity.

Please Contact the Employment Advocate.

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0% Percentage of unfair Dismissal Claims Successful
0% Percentage of Denied Contract Benefits Successful
0% Percentage of Cases Resolved without Arbitration (Court)